In the year of 1973, a significant milestone in the history of Devilbend Golf Club took place. On February 28, a public meeting was convened at the Hastings Public Hall, gathering 80 enthusiastic individuals. Among them was Councillor Cyril Fox, who proposed a motion: “That this meeting resolves to form a Golf Club in the Shire of Hastings.”

This motion was met with unanimous agreement, marking the birth of Devilbend Golf Club. A subsequent public meeting on April 18 saw the formal establishment of the club, with the acceptance of the submitted draft constitution.

In order to create the golf course, permission was diligently sought and successfully obtained to utilize 141 acres of exchange land. A cooperative effort was launched, calling for memberships, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

A visionary company known as “Greenmasters”, founded by Eric Horne, Horrie Brown, and Len Boorer, was entrusted with the task of designing and planning the course. Construction commenced with great fervor, resulting in the development of a 10.3 million gallon dam and several smaller dams. Working bees became a common occurrence as the course took shape, initially unveiling 9 playable holes. Over the course of the following year, the course was expanded to a full 18 holes.

Finally, on December 20, 1975, the late Kevin Phyland, serving as Club President, ceremoniously inaugurated the course by teeing off from the 1st tee, officially declaring it open for play.

Throughout the years, Devilbend Golf Club has undergone numerous alterations, improvements, and refinements to both the Golf Course and the clubhouse. Its unwavering dedication to progress has propelled it forward. Undoubtedly, the club will continue to evolve and flourish as time passes.

The remarkable sights surrounding us today stand as a testament to the founders and all those who, through their unwavering commitment, foresight, and hard work, have made this remarkable journey possible.