Devilbend 36 Hole Open Tournament

On November 11th, we hosted our annual 36 Hole Amateur Open, drawing in 51 players from all over the state. The weather played along, and kudos to all who tackled the full 36 holes.

A shout-out to the Match Committee for their volunteer efforts in managing check-ins and scorecards. The staff, especially Adam and Laura in the bar and kitchen, hustled to keep things running under pressure upstairs.

Player feedback centred on the course’s playability and the welcoming vibe from both staff and members. Many expressed interest in returning next year, highlighting the positive experience at Devilbend Golf Club.

Joel Harrod took the Men’s title with a score of 148, while Jenny Bolger claimed the Women’s title with a score of 184. Nett winners included Daniel McPhee with a solid 143 off a 6 handicap for the men and Brenda U’Ren with a nett 150 off an 18 handicap for the women. Devilbend Golf Club’s 36 Hole Amateur Open was a successful day of golf, marked by competition and community. As we wrap up this edition, we look forward to seeing everyone back on the green for next year’s event.